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VA Allergies & Adverse Reactions is a feature designed to help you keep all your allergy information in a single, secure, accessible location. This feature documents your allergies, causes and reactions when they happen. Your health care teams, VA and non-VA, should have a complete record of all your allergies. You can use this feature to share that information with them.

An Allergy and/or Adverse Reaction can come from:

  • Something that you touch

  • Something that you eat

  • A medication

  • Something you breathe in, like latex or mold or

  • An insect or other animal bite

If you are a My HealtheVet registered user, you can self-enter your allergy information. If you have a Premium account, you may view your VA Allergies & Adverse Reactions. This is information entered in your VA health record by your health care team. You may also view a blend of both your self-entered and VA allergy information. This gives you your information in one place.

Your allergy information is always displayed with your medication list. Based on your account type this may include your self-entered as well as VA allergy information. This information is important to share with your health care team. Your provider may choose not to give you a medicine based on an allergy.

To Access Your Information

Self-Entered Allergies - this allows you to self-enter information. To use this feature you need to be registered on My HealtheVet.

  • Log into your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Track Health Tab on the top menu bar

  • Select Health History

  • Select Self-Entered Allergies

VA Allergies & Adverse Reactions - This allows you to view your allergy information from your VA health record. To use this feature, you need to be a VA patient with a Premium account.

  • Log into your My HealtheVet account

  • Select the Track Health Tab on the top menu bar

  • Select Health History

  • Select VA Allergies & Adverse Reactions

VA Blue Button - this allows you to view a blended view of your self-entered and VA allergy information. To view your self-entered information you need to be registered on My HealtheVet. To view your VA information, you need a Premium account. If you select VA Medications, your allergy information will be displayed as well.

Pharmacy Section - the features titled Refill My Prescriptions and My VA Medication List will also display your allergy information.

To Share Your Information

Use the VA Blue Button to share your health information. Based on your account type, this may include self-entered and information from your VA medical record. As a VA patient, the VA Blue Button offers you access to information in your VA medical record. You can choose the information that you want to view, print, and download.


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Updated September 15, 2021