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My HealtheVet VA Radiology

Radiology is a branch of medicine that uses imaging to diagnose and treat disease. The following web sites can help you better understand the many tests that fall under the Radiology heading. This link gives you information on:

  • X-Ray,

  • Computer Tomography (CT),

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),

  • Ultrasound,

  • Radiation therapy and other procedures.

It also includes what you may experience and how to prepare for the tests.

Medline Plus: This link will take you to the Imaging and Radiology page of Medline Plus where additional information can be found.

Radiology - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): This site has questions and answers that help you understand why you need a test and how it will help your health care team.

Select the links below to learn more about the different types of radiology:

Using the VA Radiology information to partner with your health care team helps you take charge of your health. Use it to better understand your health and learn ways to improve your health.

You can use the VA Blue Button to view, print, or download your VA Radiology reports. This information can be shared with your caregiver and/or non-VA provider. This may help them better understand your health.

Visit the VA Radiology Frequently Asked Questions. This site has questions and answers that may help you understand more about the feature and how it can help you monitor your health.

General Information

Some information that comes from your VA health record may not be presented right away in My HealtheVet or your VA Blue Button. This is because your information may first need to be reviewed by a member of your VA health care team. Also, if needed, this gives your provider time to discuss your results with you before you view them in My HealtheVet.

VA Radiology Reports are available 36 hours after they have been completed. Some studies done at a non-VA facility may not be available or they may not necessarily include an interpretation. If you have any questions about your information please visit the Frequently Asked Questions. or contact your VA health care team.

  1. VA Radiology is part of the My HealtheVet Personal Health Record found under the VA Blue Button section. To view your VA Radiology reports you must:

    • Be a Veteran enrolled at a VA health care facility

    • Be registered as a VA Patient in My HealtheVet

    • Have a My HealtheVet Premium* account

    *To get a My HealtheVet Premium account, you will need to go through authentication. VA verifies a Veterans' identity by this process. This is done before allowing access to their VA health record. To learn more, go to: Upgrading your My HealtheVet account through In-Person or Online Authentication.

    Note: If you find something missing in your VA health record, you should talk to your VA health care team. If you believe that something may not be accurate, contact the Release of Information Office at your local VA Medical Center.

  2. Hold Periods for VA information

Updated June 18, 2020