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Vietnam War Veterans Health Issues

If you served during the Vietnam War, you may be at risk of certain health conditions. Understanding these risks will allow you to receive better care.

Three Exercises to Get Moving

It can be hard to start an exercise routine. Take advantage of the summer weather to try something new.

Don't Miss a New Message

Do you have an unread message from your doctor? Easily update your preferences to get an email notification when you receive a new Secure Message.

Nutrition for Aging: Vitamin D

Vitamin D protects your bone, joint, and muscle health. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right amount of Vitamin D for a long and healthy life.

Avoid the Pain of Shingles

Did you know that anyone who has recovered from chickenpox can develop shingles? Shingles is a painful infection that should be treated immediately. Quick treatment with an antiviral drug decreases...

Weight Loss Isn't Far Away with TeleMOVE!

TeleMOVE! lets you try the MOVE! Weight Loss Program from home. A VA Care Coordinator will help you focus on nutrition and exercise to improve your health.

Smoking: Keys to Quit

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. VA offers proven treatment and support to help you successfully quit.